Dr. Dre Handcuffed & Detained By Malibu Police After Motorist Claimed He Had A Gun

TMZ reports that the music legend arrived at his home Monday, July 25, only to find a car blocking his driveway.

Dre asked the driver to move his car and things got tense.

Then the motorist started yelling and cursing. prompting Dre to pull out his phone to record video of what was happening.

The driver mistook the phone for a firearm and reportedly said, "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun," before calling the police.

When Los Angeles County Sheriffs arrived on the scene they put Dre in handcuffs while he was searched. No gun was found, so they let him go.

But, the driver wasn't satisfied and insisted on making a citizen's arrest. He filled out a report that will be forwarded to the District Attorney, who will decide if there is a case.

Crazy people all over.....

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