Master P And Korean Developers Introduce Their Get Money Video Game

Businessman entrepreneur Percy Miller AKA Master P and his team of expert programmers and developers are excited to unveil their latest project Get Money video game. It’s the first African-American minority owned technology console game available for Playstation , Xbox, PC’s, mobile apps and online access where multiple players have the ability to compete against each other.

Experience Get Money virtual lifestyle on your living room couch or alongside players from across the world where you can master every character as you dive into a modern street culture of music and real life adventures that takes place in the City of New Orleans. Gamers have the ability to virtually purchase homes, businesses, vehicles, jewelry, fashion, gold teeth, weapons, plastic surgery and more. Your character can choose from a variety of occupations and identities: villain, cop, hustler, boss, entertainer, male or female just to name a few. In this game, you’ve got options, you make the right choices, you get the money but if you make the wrong choices, it’s death, jail or destruction just like the real world.

Percy Miller started working on this project, six years ago. In the beginning stages, he offered investment opportunities to some of the top athletes in the world but their financial advisors did not see the vision. However, that did not stop Master P from believing in his project, he invested his own money and found some of the top game developers in Korea. Together, they have created the spectacular Get Money Video Game and have plans to take the company public in 2018.

Get Money Video Game is the only competition to powerhouse gaming company Grand Theft Auto which grossed ten billion dollars in 2015 off of inner-city minority communities’ culture and lifestyle. And Master P has asked one question to the Hip Hop community, “Why are we not benefitting from this multi-billion dollar industry that has been created off of our lifestyle? We have to expand our mind to technology, it is the new way to sell music.” Percy Miller has taken the same passion for the gaming industry to take over independently as he did in the music business with No Limit Records.


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