Spice 1 Threatens Funkmaster Flex Over 2 Pac Disses

Spice 1 said:

"Look, check this out, n!gga. If I hear you say one more thing about my n!gga ... n!gga I'ma come out there," Spice says in the clip. "I'ma get on a motherf*cking plane, Funkmaster B!tch. I'ma get on a motherf*cking plane and I'ma come out there and I'ma go to [Hot 97]. And I'ma drag your b!tch a$$ outta there, n!gga. And I'ma stomp your f*cking head in, you b!tch a$$ n!gga.

"Say something else. You ain't no gangster, n!gga," he continues. "Shut the f*ck up, n!gga. Before somebody catch a plane out there and choke your f@ggot a$$. Fake a$$ n!gga. Say something else [and] I'll be on a plane, n!gga."

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