America's Most Wanted is Back (reboot)

America's Most Wanted is back with Elizabeth Varg, I remember watching this show ask a kid living in the projects. Fox’s decide to reboot the show after all these years.

“There’s a bottomless appetite for true crime,” Vargas adds. Netflix’s new Unsolved Mysteries and “a lot” of documentaries populate her own viewing list, and even her 18-year-old son is asking whether she’s seen another Netflix genre series, Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer. What’s the appeal? “It goes to our deepest fears that these things happen, while engaging our appetite for mysteries — the whodunit. It’s a human need to want justice.”

I didn't know Unsolved Mysteries was back on Netflix, I have to check that out, that show use to scare the hell out of me.

John Walsh, has given his blessing to his successor Elizabeth Varg to take over the show. Ten years after the last episode, Vargas expects even more success now that its engaged audience will see 3-D avatars, augmented reality, age-progression technology, and other upgraded tools.


“A pinpoint map can show all the places [a fugitive has] been and been sighted. People can think ‘Oh, I was there!’ or ‘My sister lives there.'” But classic AMW hasn’t disappeared: Vargas says she’ll interview “the real-life people at the heart of the stories, from law enforcement to victims.” Source: tvinsider

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