C-Murder Is On Hunger Strike, Talk With 6 News

What C-Murder said about his hunger strike at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center.

Since the onset of COVID-19, they have continued placing the inmates that have tested positive for the virus in the dorms with inmates that were COVID-19 negative. This has not only spread the virus but has caused abnormally long quarantine times. The COVID-19 positive inmates are put on a two week quarantine time initially but the prison adds new positive inmates to the dorm daily, which then extends the quarantine time two weeks each day that they add a new case”

This statement come from C-Murder publicist.

C-Murder claims there are sealed documents that hold the keys to his freedom. C-Murder alleges the existence of 31 concealed documents showing an illegal DNA cover-up that was not presented during his murder trial.

Check out what C-Murder said in the video below.

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