Charleston White Threatens to Call FBI on Trapboy Freddy When he Get Out of Jail

Here what Charleston White said below:

Make me mad Trapboy!" Exclaimed Charleston as he looked down at the camera lens during the making of the IG video. "I'll find out every godd*mn dope spot you got, n*gga, and shut that b*tch down. You better shut your b*tch a*s up little boy! [I'll] put the police on every last one of you godd*amn n*ggas. You better shut your b*tch a*s up Trapboy Freddy! Your weed houses are going to get shut down, n*gga! I'm don't give a damn about no shooters! Shooters get arrested too, n*gga! I put shooters in jail! F*ck you talking about, n*gga, I run this sh*t here, n*gga. Ask anybody."

Check out the video:

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