Felicia Jackson From Chattanooga, TN Made it On Master P Reviews With (CPR Wrap)

Master P reviews is a YouTube channel that what's small businesses get their product's out on a national platform.

Felicia Jackson's story: Inventor and owner of CPR Wrap, has experienced the trauma of cardiac arrest firsthand. She was certified in CPR but froze when her toddler son stopped breathing in the back seat of her car. Thanks to the quick actions of her husband, their son survived, but Felicia learned a valuable lesson and walked away with a new mission

Even people experienced in CPR can forget their training in stressful situations. CPR Wrap makes it possible for anyone to effectively perform CPR at a moment's notice. With over 20 years of medical experience in acute inpatient rehab, outpatient care and home health care, Felicia is applying her knowledge to make performing CPR less intimidating and accessible to everyone.


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