Lil Durk Charges $350,000 for Features

Lil Durk sat down with the Full Send podcast, and he was asked how much he charges for features. Durk said his price is around $350,000....And rappers have paid that price but Durk want reveal who have paid $350,000 for a feature.

Lil Durk also working with Grand Theft Auto....Here what Lil Durk said about the deal

"There are a lot of non-believers when it comes to the Metaverse, but it’s proven to be the future. We’ve been working on a deal with Grand Theft Auto, where we will have our own world within the game, and I will record myself doing videos along with live concerts. So we are staying ahead, and the world will have to catch up."

Lil Durk out here working.....Let's get it

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