Man Arrested for Drugs Tried to Conceal Glock to Look Like Nerf Gun


Catawba County Sheriff's Office say firearms being seized during a drug bust aren't new; but to found 25 guns, and among them was a Glock 19 concealed to look like a Nerf gun is alarming. The gun was a converted rifle with a fifty-round drum magazine and it was painted orange and blue and featured the Nerf logo on the side.

"The 35-year-old man in possession of that gun, the other firearms, drugs, and cash, was a Catawba resident. Deputies say he's been arrested and charged with felonious possession of cocaine, felonious possession of mushrooms, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. A $20,000 unsecured bond was issued, and deputies say he already had a first appearance in Catawba County District Court on Thursday, March 18." (source: ksdk)

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