Man Charged With Raping Uber Driver in Chattanooga, TN

"A police affidavit says an Uber driver in Chattanooga endured "agony" when she was raped by a passenger on a ride that a restaurant employee paid for."

"The report says the woman's boyfriend heard her assault as it was happening when he called her. He immediately called 911."

"911 dispatchers repeatedly tried to call the woman, and it occasionally went through."

"When it did, dispatchers could hear the sound of a woman under attack. "The cell phone location data was not exact," the report says. But the report says it took a little under 90 minutes for law enforcement to finally spot the vehicle."


"The Uber driver was picking up a man at Chili's on Gunbarrel Road in Chattanooga. The police report says a Chili's employee called the Uber for Zachery Johnson because he had too much drink. The driver picked him up and that's when police say the rape and assault happened."

Crazy out here in these streets...stay safe

Source: Local 3 News Chattanooga,TN

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