Nike's North American head Ann Hebert resigns after report's about her son.

A top Nike vice president quit Monday after her son was found reselling Jordan/Nike shoes.

Ann Hebert resigned as the head of Nike’s North American business just days after the company had defended her and asserted she had not violated any company policy.

Ann Hebert just gotten a big promotion just eight months ago, becoming vice president and general manager of North American operations.

"Bots and inside information fuel Hebert's success"

"Bloomberg described a transaction in which Hebert and his team used bots to overwhelm a Yeezy Supply website designed to limit purchases to one per customer. Hebert told Bloomberg he racked up $132,000 in purchases that day and quickly flipped the supply for a $20,000 profit" source: Yahoo.

Nike releases statement.

A Nike spokeswoman released a statement from the company that read, “Ann Hebert made the decision to resign from Nike.” The spokeswoman did not respond, when asked if an interim successor had been named or if anyone had assumed Hebert's former responsibilities

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