Tesla, Apple, Boeing and Facebook Sock Jump today (3/9/21)et

Tesla stock was up +110.58 (19.64%) today...

"The cyclical rotation has been running strong for months and today is an overdue buying the dip for technology stocks," said Edward Moya, senior analyst at Oanda, in a note to clients.

I hear that Tesla target is at $1000.00 we will see.

"There are now two Wall Street analysts that have targets for Tesla Inc.'s stock TSLA, +19.64% of more than $1,000, after Argus Research's Bill Selesky boosted his target by 30% in the wake of the electric vehicle (EV) market leader's fourth-quarter results."

Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California. Tesla's current products include electric cars, battery energy storage from home to grid scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles, as well as other related products and services.

Apple stock was up +4.71 (4.06%), keep your eye on Apple, don't forget Apple work on -->The Apple electric car project is an electric car project undergoing research and development by Apple Inc. Apple has yet to openly discuss any of its self-driving research, but around 5,000 employees were reported to be working on the project as of 2018.

Boeing stock was up +6.58 (2.94%)----People gone fly, they was flying this pass weekend and Boeing sold 82 aircraft in February and logged 51 cancellations, marking the first time since November 2019 that monthly sales outpaced scrapped orders.

Facebook stock was up +10.43 (4.09%)... If you on Whats Good Media right now you been on Facebook. "CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Monday that by 2030, people could use advanced smart glasses to “teleport” to locations like other people’s homes, and speak to them as if they’re physically present, allowing in-person meetings to be replaced by a headset-based digital experience."

I'll be lock in on Facebook for a long time.....Qualcomm was up +5.91 (4.80%) today and don't forget Qualcomm is one of my top five on my Whats Good Media stock page with Apple. Qualcomm is a great 5G play for me.

Stock Market a fun game to play when you learn it

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